Culture: Language

Through centuries of contact, Philippine languages, especially Tagalog, have inherited many Hokkien terms into the vernacular. Most popular of these words are those that deal with food. Language borrowings happen when words are used in daily life.


achi copy

Ate (阿姐 Achi) Elder sister

Ditse (二姐 Dichi) Appellation for second elder sister.

Sanse (三姐 Sanchi) Appellation for third elder sister.



ahia copyKuya (哥[仔] Ke-ah) Appellation for elder brother.

Diko (二哥 Di) Appellation for second elder brother.

Sanko (三哥 San) Appellation for third elder brother.



angkong copyIngkong (公 Angkong) Grandfather





guyaGuya (牛仔 gu-ah) Young cow/ water buffalo





lawin copyLawin (老鷹 lao-ieng) Hawk





bakyaBakya (木屐 bak-ia) Wooden clogs





bimpoBimpo (面布 bin-po) Face towel





hikaw copyHikaw (耳鈎 hi-kao) Earrings





Kusot (鋸屑 Ki-sut) Sawdust





lithaw copy

Lithaw (犂頭 luey-thaw) Plow head





siyanse copySiyanse (煎匙 tsien-si) Frying spoon





susiSusi (鎖匙 so-si) Keys